Warning: The blondies you could fall in love with

keto blondies

Get that cocoa butter ready! Seriously. If I didn’t care about the carbs that white chocolate (even the sugar-free version) is full of, I’d make white chocolate brownies. Instead, my keto alternative is cocoa butter keto blondies. Without the cocoa, I’ve never enjoyed any version of blondies. In fact, I have made a dozen versions of this […]

Christmas Marzipan Cookies

Keto Marzipan Cookies

Are you ready for some Christmas baking? I sure have been for a while now. In fact, I’ve been having kind of a hard time deciding which of the winter Christmas-time-suiting snacks to prepare. Too many options and too little time on my hands! But, I tell you, these Christmas Marzipan Cookies, which are a tradition in […]

Low Carb Cookies

Low carb cookies

101 recipes for making your favorite low carb cookies I mean it. Below, you can see the ingredients for the low carb cookies I usually use to keep them as keto-friendly as possible. December being just around the corner, I’ll be making batches of these, adding all those Christmas spices. I am so looking forward […]

Chocolate Coconut Balls

Balls The very first thing I must admit here is that I find the name Chocolate Coconut Balls sort of amusing because it reminds me of … well, balls. Can’t help it. I’ve looked around, and people do call this sort of sweet, little, round-shaped desserts “balls.” I’ve also thought of “truffles” but, in my opinion, […]

Simplest shortbread cookies

The simplest shortbread cookies

It might not yet be the right time for frequent cookie baking, but it is coming. I can smell it at work, where co-workers munch on cookies when we return from lunch. The summer is drawing to an end and tea breaks are soon returning to our schedules. Obviously, shortbread cookies are the tea’s best […]

Tahini cookies

keto tahini cookies

The following recipe goes out to all the tahini lovers … But, it might actually come in handier to all those who dislike tahini. Why? Because when you end up with a jar of tahini in your home and have absolutely no idea how to use it, you can make tahini cookies! I know, I know, […]

Shortbread Almond Cookies

shortbread almond cookies recipe

Having a cup of tea on the weekend morning, missing something … Shortbread cookies! Seems like I’ve been envying the carb-eaters a thing or two since going gluten-free, LCHF and keto. They often get to have a cookie with their coffee or tea … And I don’t. What do you envy them? There’s nothing wrong with […]

Low Carb Jaffa Cakes

How did the idea of making low carb Jaffa Cakes pop to my mind? The last time I held a party at my place (more specifically, friends gathering), all the friends’ children had been invited. I’d decided not to stress with cooking, and just throw a few snacks and drinks on the table instead. I knew that some of the […]

Pistachio Marzipan

Low Carb Pistachio Marzipan

I come from a part of the world (Europe) where marzipan can be found in many different shapes and colors. You can find it shaped as cartoon characters, animals, or anything else that makes children happy, and their birthday cakes awesome looking. It can be either covered in chocolate or plain. Meant to be consumed as a sweet snack or […]

Low Carb Pistachio Macarons

keto macarons

Before going to high school (years and years ago ;)), I didn’t know anything about macarons. Surprisingly, I do remember what went on in my mind the first time I saw them. At the time I did not know anything about their origin, taste, ingredients … I thought a macaron was an overrated, kitschy “techno” cookie that only […]