Lift me up avocado

keto avocado mousse

Refreshing and energizing “Lift me up” is a phrase I’ve borrowed from tiramisu. Because of tiramisu in Italian meaning “lift-me-up.” It wouldn’t be fair if coffee in combination with cookies and mascarpone had the exclusive rights for being yummy, energizing, and uplifting! That is why I present a vegan and keto-friendly avocado mousse that has […]

Who is strawberry’s best friend?

keto strawberry cream

Whipped cream is the answer Heavy whipping cream itself is not a person to make real friends with, obviously. Still, the cream, especially when whipped, becomes an entity that, in my opinion, brings berries to life. Especially strawberries. It gives them a higher dimension, takes their soul and makes it available for you to taste. Strawberries alone […]

Chocolate Coconut Balls

Balls The very first thing I must admit here is that I find the name Chocolate Coconut Balls sort of amusing because it reminds me of … well, balls. Can’t help it. I’ve looked around, and people do call this sort of sweet, little, round-shaped desserts “balls.” I’ve also thought of “truffles” but, in my opinion, […]

Delicious Keto Vanilla Raspberry Ice Cream

delicious keto ice cream

Summer has been here full on, and I just couldn’t wait to make ice cream. What took me so long?! And this is not even a rhetorical question. However, in my personal opinion, following this recipe, you are to make delicious keto vanilla raspberry ice cream. Delicious memories You see, as a kid, I would love to […]

Keto Masala Chai Pudding

Keto Masala Chai Pudding

Do you happen to like the smell and taste of masala chai as much as I do? I love Indian cuisine in general and have no idea when the opportunity to visit India will arise. Thus, I keep bringing the flavours into my home. Masala chai is one of them. For those of you who […]