Sugar-free frozen yogurt

Sugar free low carb frozen yogurt recipe

Frozen yogurt boring? Not today! This is coming from my own experience: Every time I ever happened to try frozen yogurt instead of simply going for the good ol’ ice cream, I ended up at least sort of disappointed. Especially back in the days when the “frozen yogurt” thought seemed healthier than thinking of going to […]

Keto friendly frozen matcha cake

Keto frozen matcha cake recipe

Keto summer Keto-friendly frozen matcha cake has emerged because we love cakes, because we mainly eat keto, and because we are hot. These are just the main reasons behind the recipe. But matcha is not there solely to enhance the looks with greenish color. In the summertime, I love to get “high” on it. The […]

Keto white chocolate cake

Keto white chocolate cake recipe

Hi, folks! I haven’t posted a recipe in quite a while for being away, working on an exhausting research project. For over two months I had no time to bake anything sweet-tooth and keto friendly. I lived on mostly eggs and baked chicken the whole time (which was not too bad, after all). Coming back, […]

Lift me up avocado

keto avocado mousse

Refreshing and energizing “Lift me up” is a phrase I’ve borrowed from tiramisu. Because of tiramisu in Italian meaning “lift-me-up.” It wouldn’t be fair if coffee in combination with cookies and mascarpone had the exclusive rights for being yummy, energizing, and uplifting! That is why I present a vegan and keto-friendly avocado mousse that has […]

Who is strawberry’s best friend?

keto strawberry cream

Whipped cream is the answer Heavy whipping cream itself is not a person to make real friends with, obviously. Still, the cream, especially when whipped, becomes an entity that, in my opinion, brings berries to life. Especially strawberries. It gives them a higher dimension, takes their soul and makes it available for you to taste. Strawberries alone […]

Chocolate Coconut Balls

Balls The very first thing I must admit here is that I find the name Chocolate Coconut Balls sort of amusing because it reminds me of … well, balls. Can’t help it. I’ve looked around, and people do call this sort of sweet, little, round-shaped desserts “balls.” I’ve also thought of “truffles” but, in my opinion, […]

Delicious Keto Chocolate-Hazelnut Ice Cream

delicious keto chocolate hazelnut ice cream

If, by any chance, you think that you are not a fan of chocolate ice cream, do not leave this page until you come to realize that you are. 😉 Follow the recipe and think again. I have to admit that I’ve never been a chocolate ice cream fan. I’ve always thought: There are so many […]

Delicious Keto Vanilla Raspberry Ice Cream

delicious keto ice cream

Summer has been here full on, and I just couldn’t wait to make ice cream. What took me so long?! And this is not even a rhetorical question. However, in my personal opinion, following this recipe, you are to make delicious keto vanilla raspberry ice cream. Delicious memories You see, as a kid, I would love to […]