Bulletproof Coffee Mug Cake

Bulletproof Coffee Cake

Bulletproof coffee Just in case you have no idea what Bulletproof coffee is (if that is the case, I assume it hasn’t been a long keto journey for you yet), let me introduce you to the (ultimate?) morning keto beverage before I start offering my solid (and yummy) version. Bulletproof coffee mug cake that is. […]

Avocado Cake from a Mug

keto avocado cake from a mug

Most of us, keto and LCHF loving people, like to snack on avocado. And a lot of us is highly busy and like to snack on simple and quickly prepared stuff. Avocado Cake from a Mug is a great solution for the days we get so burried-up in work we believe such days should be followed by […]

LCHF protein bars (homemade Quest bars)

LCHF homemade Quest bars

My version of LCHF protein bars originates from the idea of making my own homemade Quest bars. Why? I discovered the Quest bars and their deliciousness when I was at the beginning of my keto journey. While I thought they were a perfect snack for busy people, I also realized it wasn’t the cheapest snack out […]

“All Inclusive” Keto French Toast

All Inclusive Keto French Toast

Sometimes I love sweetish breakfast, and as far as the first meal of the day goes, it has to be prepared quickly, right? Well, “All Inclusive” Keto French Toast is just the thing! Lately, I’ve been thinking to add a few more recipes that are easy and fast to make. I do realise that people who don’t […]