Keto from a microwave

low carb keto microwave

So you’ve been living a healthy low carb lifestyle … What about that microwaved lunch? If you happen not to own a microwave, you are most probably in the minority. It is undeniable that this aid is about as convenient in the kitchen as is an underground train network in a large city. Sometimes that […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

extra virgin olive oil

Mediterranean diet When talking about a healthy diet, I do not think we should consider ketogenic diet as the dietary approach that is by no means suited for each and every one of us who wants to become or remain healthy. Everyone should be able to find out what suits them best and how they […]

Protein Fasting Experiment

Protein Fasting

What is Protein Fasting? While many of you have probably heard of Egg Fast, I wonder if you’ve ever heard of Protein Fast? I’ve come across this just recently and decided to try it out. But first, let me share some background on my decision: I’m kind of a fan of Dominic D’Agostino. Few of the […]