Egg Fast Day 2

Egg Fast Day 2

On Egg Fast Day 2, I woke up after a high quality 8-hour sleep. Felt energetic and light (less puffed than a couple of days before). Stepped on the scale, and it showed 1 pound down. When I weight myself, I do it first thing in the morning (well, after going to the toilet), undressed, and with the scale always at the same position.

Good, I’m losing the excess water. But I know, I have to keep drinking it and keep my mineral level up, and must not forget to take supplements after my first daily meal.

Had my green tea with 1/2 tsp of guarana powder.

In a fasted state, I did a HIIT, spinning. Own a spinner at home, so, as it was gloomy and wet out, I couldn’t do a mountain bike ride. Plus, I needed to get to work quickly. But instead of doing one round of HIIT, I did three, which resulted in a 30-minute spinning activity. I just felt so energetic!


11:00 am. Prepared myself Egg Puffs (by, using 3/4 of each ingredient (3 eggs). These are sooooo much fun to eat, and awesomely quick to make! Can’t wait to make them again and serve them to my egg-loving dearest one asap!

Egg Fast Day 2 Egg Puffs
Egg Puffs


1:00 pm. Decided to call this meal lunch, because it was the highest in calories for the day. But, it was actually a dessert! I made a Mascarpone Roll. It’s a simple recipe, and you can play around with the filling as you wish (especially when not on the egg fast). I wanted to watch out my cheese intake for the day, so I only went for one Tbsp of mascarpone.

Egg FastDay 2 Mascarpone Roll
Mascarpone Roll


By now, I’d had 5 eggs, 3 Tbsp fat, and 4 ounces cheese.

Snack followed at 4:45 pm. Had Egg Salad (by I Breath I’m hungry), using up 3 hard-boiled eggs. I love this salad as it’s simple to prepare, especially if you’ve boiled a few eggs in advance. I think it’s a nice prep meal, too, if it’s not too hot wherever you work. Added cheese crisps to it. Just used a slice of cheddar (1 ounce), cut it into 4 triangles, and nuked them in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.

Egg Fast Day 2 Egg Salad
Egg Salad with Cheese Crisps


Surprisingly, I didn’t feel much hunger on this day. But I did have to consume something after I had returned home from running some errands, although it was 9:00 pm. They say no eggs 3 hours before sleep, so I took an ounce of cheese spread (by a relatively unknown brand), which is by default mixed with butter. I count this as ½ Tbsp butter and 1/2 ounce cheese (it adds up to less than an ounce, I know, but the ratio comes close when I read the label).

Outcome of the Egg Fast Day 2:

On this day I had:

  • 8 eggs
  • 5.5 Tbsp fat
  • 5.5 ounce cheese

Oops, there I went and screwed it up! I didn’t consume enough fat! What led me to go wrong was that I hadn’t taken the time to plan my meals in advance. Plus, I didn’t feel too hungry on this day. Maybe I should’ve gulped down 2 Tbsp of fat before bedtime, but … Well, I’d rather just see what happens tomorrow.

See, what happened on Day 1. Or continue to Day 3, Day 4, or Day 5.
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