Keto Nutella
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Dairy-Free Keto Nutella

Remember Nutella? Naturally, that’s a rhetorical question. I am sure that for most of us, back in the days, there came that shocking moment when we gazed at Nutella‘s label and wondered if we should ever have pancakes again. You know, pancakes, topped with the creamy hazelnut-chocolate spread, to which […]

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Chocolate Coconut Balls

Balls The very first thing I must admit here is that I find the name Chocolate Coconut Balls sort of amusing because it reminds me of … well, balls. Can’t help it. I’ve looked around, and people do call this sort of sweet, little, round-shaped desserts “balls.” I’ve also thought of […]

extra virgin olive oil
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mediterranean diet When talking about a healthy diet, I do not think we should consider ketogenic diet as the dietary approach that is by no means suited for each and every one of us who wants to become or remain healthy. Everyone should be able to find out what suits […]

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Keto Halloween Treats

Low Carb Halloween When dressed-up kids show up on your front door, you shouldn’t start with preaching about keto or LCHF diet. Rather, you prepare the keto Halloween treats you’re going to enjoy yourself, so your sweet tooth won’t give in to temptations when you look at all that candy! […]

Pistachio keto cake recipe
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Pistachio Matcha Cake

Pistachio I know, without any reminders, pistachio nuts are full of carbs (still doing better than cashews, though). That means the following pistachio matcha cake might be a bit keto unfriendly. Especially because you’ll want to eat too much of it if you’re a pistachio fan like me. On the […]

Cream from Heaven
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Cream from Heaven

Natas do Ceu No worries, the rest of this text is in English. “Natas do Ceu” is Portuguese for Cream from Heaven. It is one of the country’s most traditional desserts. Last summer, I spent two weeks backpacking in Portugal, which gave me an excellent opportunity to learn a thing […]

Ultimate Keto Au Gratin Pancakes

Ultimate Keto Au Gratin Pancakes

A keto pancakes recipe had been planned for quite a while. Naturally, every keto cook should have their own version of pancakes, and I took my time to come up with this one. Because pancakes are a very simple meal (well, dessert), and I like to take simple things on […]

Egg Fast Pie
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Egg Fast Pie

The “ketoest” pie Whether you believe in egg fasting or not, the truth is that eggs are simply awesome and there’s just so much you can make with them! Namely, you can prepare desserts like Egg Fast Pie, which consists almost solely of eggs, cream cheese, and butter. Admittedly, I love […]

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Low-Protein High-Fiber Pie

Despite its name, this pie is high-fat! If you find yourself avoiding too much protein for some reason, and don’t mind a few extra carbs in total, I recommend you go for this low-protein high-fiber pie. The idea for the pie arose during my little experiment with protein fasting, which originates from Dave Asprey‘s […]

keto tahini cookies
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Tahini cookies

The following recipe goes out to all the tahini lovers … But, it might actually come in handier to all those who dislike tahini. Why? Because when you end up with a jar of tahini in your home and have absolutely no idea how to use it, you can make tahini […]

Keto Matcha Creme Brulee
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Keto Matcha Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée comes in many different flavors Yeah, the French prepare it with pretty much every flavor you can think of. Since I’ve already posted the classic vanilla Crème Brûlée recipe, which is my personal top choice, I’m representing another favorite of mine: Keto Matcha Crème Brûlée. What’s up with me and matcha […]

shortbread almond cookies recipe
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Shortbread Almond Cookies

Having a cup of tea on the weekend morning, missing something … Shortbread cookies! Seems like I’ve been envying the carb-eaters a thing or two since going gluten-free, LCHF and keto. They often get to have a cookie with their coffee or tea … And I don’t. What do you envy […]

chocolate candy
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Homemade Chocolate Candy

Tired of looking for keto-friendly chocolate candy? Well, I sure was before I started making my own homemade chocolate candy! Ever since making my own homemade dark chocolate, I can’t see why not complicate things just a little bit, and make candy. Or pralines (are these two things the same […]