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Thanks for wanting to publish a guest post on My Sweet Keto. We get requests daily, hence we’d like to make clear what content can be acceptable and what content will not even get considered.

Contributor guidelines


As of August 2018, we only accept posts from experts, professionals, and highly experienced enthusiasts with a strong background in nutritional science, neuroscience, fitness science, etc. who want to share their knowledge and experience through low-carb and keto related content. Every author must be signed using their full name and have a link to their bio and references (e.g. LinkedIn, academic articles, high-authority webpage).

Accepted Topics

We accept guest posts on the following topics:

Keto diet, low-carb lifestyle, sports and low-carb nutrition, women and keto, health and keto/low-carb, neuroscience and keto/low-carb, ect.

Articles, trying to represent scientific research on the above topics to the general audience are the most welcome.

We DO NOT accept link building low-quality content, diet pills products, sales pitches, miracle products for weight loss or similar. Such content does not provide any added value for our readers.

Why are we so strict?

My Sweet Keto gets over 200 000 readers monthly. They are looking for high-quality content. We want to serve them, keep them happy, and provide them with as much informative, credible, and harmless content as by all means possible. We have high ethical standards and hold to the motto Primum non nocere.

Guest Post Write for us Opportunity


Whenever it’s helpful, please include relevant screenshots and/or images. Make sure they are of high-quality (e.g., 1200 x 800 px) and that they are either yours or you have been granted permission for use, with attribution. Read about best practices for attribution here.


Science-based articles should include citations using APA standards. Find out more about APA standards here or here.

Article length

1500 to 3500 words long is the guideline. We are flexible; the key is that the article is of excellent quality and comprehensive to the general audience.

Links (outbound)

Feel free to place one link to your site to a relevant URL that you think is helpful.  We do review the links and may reject the article or request a change.

Include outbound links only to relevant, scientific, and high-authority sources on the web.

Internal links:  Please include at least 2 links to other relevant, helpful articles on

All links should open in a new tab.


Provide to us as a Google Doc (i.e., docx.) via email.  Fill in the form below to get the article submission details.

Affiliate links

We may add our affiliate links to the content. Please do not add your affiliate links.


If your article is accepted and published, you agree to grant the copyright.


Fill in the contact form below. We look forward to working with you!