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This is our absolute favorite cheese-free keto bread recipe. It is SIMPLE to make, fool-proof, and NOT eggy at all! Goes well with sweet and savoury foods. #keto #ketobread #ketogenic #bread #recipe #lowcarb #mysweetketo

Ultimate Dairy Free Keto Bread – Simple to make!

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If you are reading this, you are probably in the majority who finds themselves craving for a piece of bread on the low-carb days. Yes, it happens and it is alright. It is alright to look for ketofied substitutions of your favorite foods as long as those replacements are not full of artificial processed stuff. I, therefore, encourage you to bake your own keto bread if you crave it.

Ultimate Keto Bread

While the title might seem a little bit pretentious, it is the one recipe I use when it comes to baking keto bread. I have never been a big bread lover, but ever since starting the low-carb lifestyle, I’ve wanted to come out with a bread recipe that I would like a lot. Only because I thought it was possible. And because I like challenges. I’ve tried many variations out there but didn’t find them appealing enough for many different reasons.

This is our absolute favorite cheese-free keto bread recipe. It is SIMPLE to make, fool-proof, and NOT eggy at all! Goes well with sweet and savoury foods. #keto #ketobread #ketogenic #bread #recipe #lowcarb #mysweetketo

Some keto bread versions were too much work, others came out too eggy. Some looked impressive until they stayed in the oven but always deflated later (and I couldn’t figure out why). Others looked and tasted OK but conflicted with my decision not to consume too much dairy. So, I’ve experimented a lot and in the end came out with the ultimate dairy free keto bread. This will remain the ultimate recipe in our family until something even better happens to come along. If the latter is ever going to happen. Moreover, the procedure cannot get much quicker, I promise you that.

Dairy free and NOT eggy keto bread

While I love oopsie rolls, I see no reason in baking just another egg ‘n’ cheese something and call it bread. I can have those in an omelet. This is the reason I love these buns. They are dairy-free and full of healthy fatty acids, accompanied by some fiber from coconut flour. I use macadamia butter because it is the most useful, the healthiest, and the least carby nut butter. On the other hand, I have tried making the buns with coconut butter. Here is my homemade version along with a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil. Do note that the coconut version tends to get carbier. Nevertheless, you can use any other type of nut butter, just keep in mind that the macadamia butter is the fattiest among the nut butter variations. On the other hand, using plain grass-fed butter in place of the macadamia butter might demand a tiny bit more coconut flour in the whole mixture. Anyhow, I strongly encourage you to use macadamia butter but if you choose almond butter, take smooth almond butter and add 1/2T of coconut oil.

Keto bread and eggs: Match made in heaven

This is our absolute favorite cheese-free keto bread recipe. It is SIMPLE to make, fool-proof, and NOT eggy at all! Goes well with sweet and savoury foods. #keto #ketobread #ketogenic #bread #recipe #lowcarb #mysweetketo

If you’ve been following my blog, you most probably love not only the sweet keto-friendly treats but eggs and bacon as well! Well, the two are the perfect match for these keto buns. Since the buns don’t taste eggy, one can finally drown a piece of bread in that creamy egg yolk. Without feeling stupid for combining egg with an egg. And some bacon.

But. If you happen not to love eggs and bacon, please, do suit yourself and use the keto bun with your favorite sugar-free marmalade. Even better, make some keto Nutella and spread it on!

This is our absolute favorite cheese-free keto bread recipe. It is SIMPLE to make, fool-proof, and NOT eggy at all! Goes well with sweet and savoury foods. #keto #ketobread #ketogenic #bread #recipe #lowcarb #mysweetketo

Love for the keto bread

Our family loves the way this recipe is fool-proof and so quick and easy to make, anyone can do it. Yet, the fun doesn’t stop here. These lovely buns are the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones some affection for breakfast. The keto bread is easier to cut than the conventional one because it practically doesn’t crumble. So I go and cut out heart shapes then combine the heart holes with a piece of bacon or some sugar-free homemade strawberry jam. How could a morning start off any better?

On the other hand, when not feeling too romantic, and I just need a piece of keto bread to go along with my food, the food is usually canned sardines. They are a healthy choice when you want to consume some Omega 3’s. When buying canned sardines, choose a can with extra virgin olive oil. I find the best sardines in Portugal and some parts of Spain, but it is difficult to get hold of those online. So we just need to go with the ones we find locally.

I’m hungry just typing this text and looking at the pics.

If you try this recipe out, don’t forget to leave a comment below! Enjoy!

Ultimate Dairy-Free Keto Bread

One bun comes out to be approximately 170 Calories,

Fat: 13.4 g (of which Saturated: 3.4 g, MUFA's: 9.3 g),
Total Carbs: 7.5 g,
Fiber: 4.9 g,
Net Carbs: 2.6 g,
Protein: 6.5 g

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Course: Breakfast, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch, Snack
Cuisine: Keto
Keyword: Keto, Low-Carb
Servings: 4 buns
Calories: 170kcal



  • Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Line a baking pan with a sheet of parchment paper.
  • In a small bowl, combine all the dry ingredients, leaving out only the psyllium husk powder. The coconut flour is best sifted.
    Ultimate Keto Bread
  • Make butter if you don't have any. Just pulse the nuts in a bowl of an S-blade food processor (scraping the sides of the bowl once or twice) until you get runny butter.
    Ultimate Keto Bread
  • Mix the eggs and the egg white in a medium bowl using an electric mixer. Add the macadamia butter and mix again until well incorporated.
    Ultimate Keto Bread
  • Combine the egg mixture and the dry mixture, and mix well. At the very end, add the psyllium husk powder and mix some more. If you find the mixture to be runny, add in another T of coconut flour and mix well.
    Ultimate Keto Bread
  • Use your hands or a spoon to form four disks on the baking pan. Wet your hands to make this step less sticky.

    Bake for 30 minutes.

    The buns must pass the toothpick test. Put them on a wire rack and let them cool. Serve with anything you desire. Even sugar-free marmalade.
    Ultimate Keto Bread


I strongly encourage you to buy unroasted and unsalted macadamia nuts to make butter for the bread and various other recipes. It might be the pricier option but it is healthier and less migraine-triggering than almond butter. Anyhow, if you choose almond butter, take smooth almond butter and add 1/2T of coconut oil. Enjoy!


Calories: 170kcal
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This is our absolute favorite cheese-free keto bread recipe. It is SIMPLE to make, fool-proof, and NOT eggy at all! Goes well with sweet and savoury foods. #keto #ketobread #ketogenic #bread #recipe #lowcarb #mysweetketo


  1. Can we replace the macadamia nut with some other nut? It’s hard to find some of this stuff where I’m located. I’ve got everything else.

    • My Sweet Keto

      Yes, you can try any other nut but make sure it is relatively high in fat (I wouldn’t advise cashews), like almonds. If the mixture seems too dry, add some more fat. I can’t promise the result will be of the same quality, though.
      Do let us know how it turned out for you.

  2. I find that ingredients here in the UK do not behave as they seem to do in the USA. The mixture I end up with is very liquid – you certainly cannot form it into buns. Would more cocnut flour work?

    • My Sweet Keto

      Wow, this is weird! Did you use macadamia (or almond) butter you had made yourself and is buttery in texture, so not liquid? Were psyllium husks powdered?
      Just asking to see if I can get any clues why the mixture didn’t turn out solid enough for you. I guess more coconut flour would work, but this is just a guess, based on the limited amount of info.

    • Hi. Made the macadamia butter myself – not at all ‘liquid’ not even buttery: just ‘ground up nuts’.
      I have tried other sweet keto recipes e.g. cacao butter keto blondies and the result is the same – the blondies came out of the oven looking great but cooled into a greasy mess half the thickness of the out-of-oven product. Could not eat it at all.
      Help ???!!!

      • My Sweet Keto

        Ok. One problem might lie in the flour(s) you use. I, for example, have two brands of coconut flour at home, one less fatty than the other, one absorbing more liquid than the other. I consistently use the less fatty one for more reliability. Somehow one needs to get used to the character of a flour and stick to it, always using the same brand in recipes for the most reliable results, maybe tweaking a bit the amount a recipe suggests. Especially in the gluten-free and keto desserts. Try to figure out how your coconut flour behaves, and make sure it is a defatted finely-grained flour.

        Maybe you have already done all this, and I haven’t told you anything new … I am really sorry you’ve experienced the two recipes to be so problematic! The keto blondies recipe has been updated lately because a lot of people reported too much greasiness. If you are willing to give it another try, the updated version might turn out better for you. I really do hope so.

        As for the macadamia butter, the nuts need to be pulsed/processed long enough for them to turn into a runny butter. This is easy with macadamia nuts as they are so fatty. With almonds, on the other hand, being less fatty, it helps to add a T of coconut oil halfway through wor the whole thing to turn into butter instead of just being “ground up nuts.” This is also where the problem with the keto bread might lie in your case.

        Hang in there and keto on.

        • There is really no choice of flours here in the UK – they aren’t even simply called ‘flour’ (we have “coconut flour frenzy”and “almond flour flurry” ???) neither of which can be sieved – ‘grains’ are too large to go through a sieve. So I’ll have a go at increasing the amount I use. Might also need more raising agent as the bread is very dense. Will also try using almond butter (which we can buy here!!!) instead of macadamia as processing the macadamia nuts does not produce ‘butter’.
          Thanks for your input.

          • I see! All of the above doesn’t sound too optimal for the recipe. What about rather using defatted almond flour if you can get a hold of that. 1/4 cup almond flour with 2 oz. almond butter might work. Can’t promise anything, but it’s the only suggestion I have left right now.
            Plus maybe trying to see if Amazon UK offers any better flour alternatives.

            All the best, Berna.

  3. Hi! I have a question. I happen to be allergic to almost any type of treenut you can think of, do you have any alternatives for the ingredients that contain nuts?
    Much love,


    • My Sweet Keto

      Hi. What I can think of is hemp seed flour. Have you tried it yet? It might need some getting used to but has worked fine for me in most of the recipes. Making the bread, I would try using dairy butter in place of nut butter.

  4. Could you make the bread with cashew butter?

  5. Dee MacDonald

    I assume a small 4×8 loaf pan if I were to bake as a loaf?? Would 30 minutes still be the bake time, do you think??
    Can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks.

    • My Sweet Keto

      4×8 sounds good. I suggest doing the toothpick test after 30 minutes just to be sure – might need to bake a few minutes longer.

  6. Have you ever made these in a loaf pan…for sandwich bread?

  7. These look amazing! Could you tell me how long they would keep for, and if I could freeze them? I’m hoping to bring them with me on a weekend away. Thanks so much!

    • My Sweet Keto

      Thank you, De! I keep them out of the fridge the first day. A couple of days in the fridge, but they taste best fresh. I freeze them fresh (cooled) and keep them frozen for up to a couple of weeks. Haven’t tried any longer as to me they are too good to just have them locked away. 😉

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