About My Sweet Keto

About My Sweet Keto in short: We are a couple, working as a team to provide our readers with a number of recipes for keto & low-carb desserts as well as useful, credible, and scientifically backed-up content about nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing.

Quick facts about My Sweet Keto:

  • Purpose: Providing people with quality keto and low-carb dessert recipes and offering scientific explanations for why keto might or might not be suitable for an individual
  • Mission: Developing keto dessert recipes that will make peoples’ lives easier and sweeter
  • Values: Trustworthiness, Knowledge, Reliability, Creativity, Health, and strong Ethics
  • Founded in 2016
  • Our team: A psychologist/neuroscientist as the founder, leading author and recipe creator & a master of business administration/policy analyst as the marketing and PR manager.

Low Carb and Keto Dessert Recipes

We know there are lots of you out there who have given the ketogenic or low-carb lifestyle a chance or are only beginning to think about it. Many of you still want to be able to have an occasional treat, a little dessert, or a nice piece of cake, if only for the sake of keeping your spirits high in the long run. We understand that and want to show you some support through giving out keto and low-carb recipe ideas.

Please note that in the recipes we create and provide to you, we use affiliate links. This means that we include specific third-party links to some of the highly-rated products. We will earn an affiliate commission (a small percentage of the sale) for any purchases you might make, at no extra costs to you. Please understand that this helps us do what we do: Try to provide you with credible content and delicious recipes.

Please also note that although the owner, the primary writer and recipe contributor, introduced below, is a scientist working in the health industry, we provide no medical advice, and strongly encourage everyone thinking about starting the ketogenic diet to consult their doctor first. Especially if they have any kind of doubts, chronic medical diagnosis, or unresolved health issues. Please see our legal disclaimer for more information.


The founder of My Sweet Keto who develops most of the delicious recipes and writes content, is Tisa F., an MScs in Psychology and a Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience. Her focus is cognitive as well as nutritional neuroscience.

At the faculty, she got recognition for finishing her studies in the top 5 %. She worked as a student teaching assistant in the field of cognitive psychology. Her master thesis was interdisciplinary, focused on cognitive neuroscience and using electroencephalography as the main method.  The work was recognized by the faculty to have met the highest criteria such as scientific excellence and creative originality, profoundness, prominence, and applicability. Thus, Tisa’s work received the faculty’s highest award and was also nominated for the highest honor from one of the world’s top universities.

Her scientific work started as being a student researcher in Mind & Brain Lab in the early student years. She continues to contribute to the lab as a research associate while working in the Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience at the Neurological Clinic of the University Medical Centre. Although her current Ph.D. work focuses on the cognitive neuroscience of aging and neurological disease, she keeps a strong focus on nutritional neuroscience as well. She is also an editor for eSinapsa, an online neuroscience journal, and an article contributor.

Cooking and Baking

Tisa, the founder of My Sweet Keto and the recipe developer, discovered her passion for baking and cooking at age 8. Although she never officially pursued a cooking career, she has lately devoted a lot of her free time to attending cooking classes and even a sommelier school. Doing so, she carefully selects only widely recognized and high-quality class providers.

Her passion and talent for cooking are solidly backed up by the gene pool of her ancestors. On one side of her family, her grandfather Janez Perdan – Johny is a widely acknowledged cook and food artist who has won over 130 gold medals at international gastronomy competitions all around Europe. He founded one of the first cooking schools in his country and is nowadays still an honorary member of Association of Chefs and Confectioners. On the other side of her family, Tisa’s grandmother was a professional cook and had spent a significant part of her life amongst chefs in France. Her grandfather Janez Frelih was an internationally recognized bartender, cocktail developer, a founder, and an honorary member of Slovenian Bartender Association. He published several books on gastronomy and cocktails, was an instructor, a mentor, and a member of various international barman committees. Tisa is also very passionate about the art of cocktail mixing and proud of the gene pool that has probably contributed a lot to her talent for mixing flavors.

She has chosen to devote herself to keto and low-carb dessert recipes developing. She believes that in time, My Sweet Keto site will consist of numerous high-quality recipes that people around the globe will find delicious and will be happy to use, tweak, and make over and over again.

Our low-carb story

We are a couple of great devotion to recreational sports of all sorts, from hiking, weightlifting, and squash, to mountain biking and running. The more nature is involved, the better. We consider ourselves to be pretty physically fit, so none of us is overweight. We didn’t start the keto journey for weight loss and giving out weight loss advice has never been our purpose.

For Tisa, the whole low-carb and keto experimenting journey started in January 2016. Six months earlier, she had gone gluten-free, as a gastroenterologist specialized in nutrition, advised her due to specific health issues. Even before going about My Sweet Ketogluten-free, she hadn’t consumed grains too often. She felt indulging in grainy food had something to do with her often feeling abnormally tired. Moreover, she used to suffer from chronic migraines and paresthesias, as well as unexplained, unbearable pains in toes and fingers. Besides being diagnosed with a chronic migraine, doctors have eventually diagnosed Raynaud’s syndrome with a yet unidentified underlying autoimmune issue and a tendency towards postprandial hypoglycemia.

A health professional, who does a lot of research in nutritional science, has eventually suggested that Tisa’s symptoms could be related to some of the foods she consumed and might be intolerant of. Despite lacking clear biomarkers for such intolerances, she decided to give excluding certain foods a try. Though being on the skeptic side, by going gluten-free her migraines went down from three 3-days-long attacks a month to one attack in every couple of months, or even fewer. The tingling and pains, which had preserved for more than three years, now appeared with a significantly lowered frequency. She later tried keto which she had been reluctant to try for quite a while, and migraine attacks and other issues virtually disappeared.

Tisa was doing strict keto for a year and a half at first, and she later reintroduced some paleo days and periods. She discovered that strict keto might not be the best long-term solution for her hormone balance and she has been digging into the issue from the scientific point of view. While feeling awesome during keto days, she doesn’t seem to have a problem with higher carb days as long as the carbs are “clean,” unprocessed, gluten-free foods, and as long as she keeps exercising on a daily basis.

These days we still do not know if the whole gluten intolerance is a real thing, but it somehow seems to work for many. It might be about some other ingredients gluten-containing food consists of, and it will be interesting to see future research on the topic.

Meanwhile, Tisa’s partner has been very supportive, starting the keto journey with her. He has found it extremely beneficial regarding fitness, wellbeing, and mental agility. That is why he doesn’t go off low-carb too often but doesn’t make it an issue either when the two go traveling, and there’s all that delicious food that demands degustation …

Fun fact about My Sweet Keto

The founder of My Sweet Keto and the main contributor used to be a concert audio engineer, working with some highly recognized bands and musicians, touring the globe. It was a successful, continuous, yet physically demanding 16-year long career that she has decided to quit, at least temporary, to take care of her health, support hormonal balance, and devote herself to neuroscience and My Sweet Keto. At the same time, it was the music career that first triggered the deep admiration for brain and cognition as she discovered the phenomenon called synesthesia that some musicians share.

Stories and journeys always end up going in the right direction. Welcome to our journey.