Keto LCHF Nut Roll
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Keto Nut Roll

As a child, I wouldn’t always understand everyone’s obsession with nut rolls during certain holidays (Christmas and Easter, for example). Where I come from, walnut roll is a traditional dessert, and it usually contains raisins, which I’ve never really liked. What’s more, it would often come dry and kind of […]

Best Keto Brownies
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Best Fudgy Keto Brownies

Simply the best fudgy keto brownies! You might not want to believe me before you try with your own taste buds, but these little chocolate squares might very likely be among the best brownies you’ve ever tried, either on or off keto! These are the shapes of chocolate I adore the most […]

Keto Chocolate Mousse
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Keto Friendly Chocolate Mousse

This bitter-sweet chocolate mousse (or topping if you wish) comes in extremely handy when you need a quick power boost, relieve chocolate cravings, or just make whatever dessert you’re having more versatile (and a little bit more carby, too, so dose carefully). Pancakes, brownies … Whatever goes well with chocolate! The cocoa […]

Ultimate Keto Cremem Brulee
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Ultimate Keto Crème Brûlée

I first met with crème brûlée (a.k.a. burnt cream) almost 10 years ago when traveling through France. After a nice dinner that included fish of some kind, I wished for a dessert that would be vanilla flavoured, as I’d always been quite crazy about vanilla (nothing wrong with chocolate, though). […]

Keto Alpine Poppyseed Cheescake
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Keto Alpine Poppyseed Cheesecake

Creamed curd cheese, which is pretty much one of the two main ingredients in this recipe, is one of my favorites when I need a quick and filling snack. As it is full of protein, I usually increase fats in the already full-fat version of curd cheese by adding a couple […]

Keto Greenies

Keto Greenies

Sweets for St. Patrick’s Day? Why not! Well, while we can’t get a keto Giunness out there, we can at least make our sweet tooth buddies happy, and invite them over for a treat. Keto Greenies is a recipe based on this one, and adapted to suit the St. Paddy’s […]

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Sunbutter. It doesn’t even need the “keto” prefix in its name, since, as a butter, it’s low in net carbs. It’s an awesome choice if you or your loved ones happen to have a nut allergy.  If not, it’s still an excellent keto-friendly snack. Besides, it’s easy to make, and […]

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Keto Coconut Cupcakes

I love coconut! That is why I started digging for various coconut recipes as soon as I began living a keto lifestyle. Where I come from, every year, sometime in February, children get to celebrate a carnival weekend that could be called a “doughnut holiday.” Thus, wherever you go during that […]