Keto Connect, Matt and Megha – Interview

We’re featuring Matt and Megha from Keto connect who you probably already know. If not, you should! And here’s your chance.

Keto community consists of more or less devoted individuals using somewhat different approaches, possessing different beliefs, and having all sorts of experience on their keto journeys that usually vary among individuals (to a certain degree at least). Whether you’re a keto beginner or an experienced keto-er, there’s a high chance that every now and then you need to turn to a fellow ketonian for advice.

My Sweet Keto has decided not to seek for advice but to ask some of the most influential keto/low-carb web-content creators about their low-carb lifestyle and experience.

This is No. 2 in the series of keto interviews.


Keto Connect - Meet the creators!

Please introduce yourself shortly. How long have you been doing keto or low carb? How did you come across this way of eating in the first place?

We are Matt and Megha. We run a food blog, keto connect, a YouTube channel, and we have a podcast, Keto for Normies. We have been on a keto diet for just over 2 years now and are loving it. Our discovery of keto was prompted by the movie “That Sugar Film”. We watched it and were curious about how we would feel if we completely removed sugar from our diet. To our surprise, there were already tons of people doing that…and it was called Keto!

What kind of results have you observed from eating keto?

The most immediate results we noticed, and the main reason we stick to a keto diet to this day, is the increased energy and level energy throughout the day. There’s no more energy crashes which allows us to be productive all day. We also have much better control over our appetite and have improved our eating habits since starting.

Have there been any setbacks or challenges in your keto journey?

Not so much setbacks, but obstacles along the way. It’s easy to think that following the generic guidelines to a keto diet is the answer to everything, but that’s not the case. There is tons of experimenting within the context of keto that needs to be done to truly find the diet that works for you. The first one for us was carb intake. The lower the carbs the better we feel. This means limiting vegetables quite a bit which was hard for us to wrap our heads around at first, but we couldn’t argue with the difference in how we felt. Experimenting with meal timing is another thing we do quite often. We’ve found that eating first thing in the morning is much better for us as opposed to trying to do intermittent fasting and not eating until lunch time.

Is there something you’ve been missing in the keto way of eating?

Not really. Of course all of the high carb foods are delicious, but it’s easy to pass on the few minutes of pleasure associated with eating those foods when I know it will set me back as far as energy and productivity go. Most high carb foods can be replicated on a keto diet. We do that all the time on our food blog, keto connect.

Can you share your favorite keto recipe with us?

The recipe we make more than any other is these Protein Cakes. We like to keep our diet simple, but every now and then we need something sweet. This dessert is the most guilt free recipe on our site (especially if you make it without the icing like we usually do) and it’s great for an after dinner snack.

You are one of the most known keto bloggers and influencer. Are you a full-time blogger? What was your job before blogging?

Yes! Also youtubers and podcasters too. Before starting Keto Connect Megha had just graduated from University of San Francisco law school and Matt was working as a Computer Engineer.

What other sites, blogs, facebook pages, facebook groups, etc., do you go to for information and inspiration?

The site we go to for keto information more than any other is It’s a forum where people share their experiences on a keto diet, as well as post interesting articles and developments in the keto world.

What are your plans for the future?

We plan on continuing to build the best resource for keto information on the internet. Our goal is to make the diet approachable for the masses. Our first cookbook is coming out soon, which we’re very excited about.

Thank you Matt and Megha. My Sweet Keto wishes you all the best in your future work!

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  1. I have been watching a lot of Megha and Matthew Keto Connect videos and will definitely try their recipes, but I’m still alittle confused on how i should get started. Can you please help me out with a basic meal plan ?

  2. Megha and Matt you are fantastic you’ve help me stick to my KetoDiet and taught me a lot as I’m a beginner but I feel so much better thanks for all the great videos and recipes and all The love

  3. Nancy McKnabb

    Love these guys! Made things easy to understand when I was so confused by all the hype and misinformatio. Even my husband enjoys watching them with me!!

    Thank you, Megha and Matthew!!

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