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Tasteaholics Rami and Vicky. #ketofam #keto

Tasteaholics, Rami & Vicky – Interview

Keto community consists of more or less devoted individuals using somewhat different approaches, possessing different beliefs, and having all sorts of experience on their keto journeys that usually vary among individuals (to a certain degree at least). Whether you’re a keto beginner or an experienced keto-er, there’s a high chance that every now and then you need to turn to a fellow ketonian for advice.

My Sweet Keto has decided not to seek for advice but to ask some of the most influential keto/low-carb web-content creators about their low-carb lifestyle and experience.

This is No.4 in the series of keto interviews. We’re featuring  Rami and Vicky from Tasteaholics.com who you probably already know. If not, you should! And here’s your chance.

Tasteaholics Rami and Vicky. #ketofam #keto

Please introduce yourself shortly. How long have you been doing keto or low carb? How did you come across this way of eating in the first place?

We’re Rami and Vicky from Tasteaholics.com. We started our own keto journey about 4 years ago and have made it our mission to bring more people into the low carb/keto lifestyle after experiencing all the benefits it has to offer. We were first introduced to keto by a close friend and we were skeptical, of course, but after seeing his amazing results, we decided to do our own research. We were perusing scientific studies and reading people’s experiences on a ketogenic diet and what piqued our interest most was the promise of more energy, a clearer state of mind and overall health improvements – not just weight loss. We decided to give it a go and we’ve never looked back!

What kind of results have you observed from eating keto?

Besides the weight loss everyone’s after, we noticed that our quality of life improved drastically! We eat better, feel better, sleep better, etc. In fact, when we travel and don’t eat as well as we usually do, we find ourselves craving our keto staples from home! Who else can’t wait to get home after a vacation to get back on track with their diet?

Have there been any setbacks or challenges in your keto journey?

The most challenging part of keto is traveling, for sure! It’s hard enough to find keto snacks while on a road trip or flying through the air, but it’s even harder to refuse regional dishes that we traveled so far to try! Many countries’ delicacies are carby, and we find ourselves feeling guilty if we do and guilty if we don’t. We usually pick one or two things to split to say we’ve tried it and appreciate the flavors anyway. You shouldn’t let your diet come in the way of exploration. Moderation is key!

Is there something you’ve been missing in the keto way of eating?

We miss bread sometimes simply because it’s a great carrier for dips and spreads! We find low carb wraps to be a good replacement… for now. We’re actually working on a low carb bread mix for our So Nourished low carb product line so that’s exciting!

Can you share your favorite keto recipe with us?

We find ourselves sticking to basics. We have the same breakfast every day – buttery scrambled eggs, bacon and our cheese of the week (usually a type of Brie). Lunch is oftentimes skipped since breakfast is so heavy and keto keeps you full and satisfied for hours. Dinner is more fun where we experiment with different meat and veggies combos. We love roasting all our veggies, which brings out such amazing flavor and texture. If we had to pick one recipe we make most often though, it would have to be Crack Slaw – it’s just too easy and delicious!


You are one of the most known keto bloggers and influencer. Are you a full-time blogger? What was your job before blogging?

We’ve been full-time together since March 2016. Rami was previously involved with startups and other businesses. Vicky had recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology shortly before starting Tasteaholics in February 2015.

What other sites, blogs, facebook pages, facebook groups, etc., do you go to for information and inspiration?

We’re Redditors! Reddit is an amazing place to read personal accounts from people knowing you’re getting valuable feedback on just about any topic. It’s a social place that frowns upon advertising your own products or “selling out” like many sites tend to do these days. Many users also credit their sources back to scientific studies, making personal research easier for everyone.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to continue expanding Tasteaholics with recipes and research-based articles. We’ve been developing our app, Total Keto Diet, to include macro tracking capabilities similar to My Fitness Pal and also release it for iOS. We’re also expanding our product line with So Nourished to include low carb bread, pancake mixes, chocolate, sauces, crackers and more. We want to become a one-stop-shop for everything keto!

Thank you Rami & Vicky. My Sweet Keto wishes you all the best in your future work!

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