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Keto community consists of more or less devoted individuals using somewhat different approaches, possessing different beliefs, and having all sorts of experience on their keto journeys that usually vary among individuals (to a certain degree at least). Whether you’re a keto beginner or an experienced keto-er, there’s a high chance that every now and then you need to turn to a fellow ketonian for advice.

My Sweet Keto has decided not to seek advice but to ask some of the most influential keto/low-carb web-content creators about their low-carb lifestyle and experience.

This is No.5 in the series of keto interviews. We’re featuring Ryan from Mr. SkinnyPants who you probably already know. If not, you should! And here’s your chance.

Please introduce yourself shortly. How long have you been doing keto or low carb? How did you come across this way of eating in the first place?


Ryan Luedecke here. I’m the creator of the Mr. SkinnyPants low carb website and author of the Keto Fast Food Survival Guide. I’ve been eating low carb since 2010 after I read Robb Wolf’s book the Paleo Solution. I remember reading a short blurb in his book about how fruit & sweet potatoes would slow fat loss so I cut those out and became de facto low carb. I’ve since gotten into the low carb / keto movement and not as focused on paleo.

What kind of results have you observed from eating keto?

I’ve leaned out considerably though I never actively tracked my weight. Eating primarily low carb helps me always stay lean, despite occasionally indulging in non-low carb stuff. I’m also much more productive and a more positive person than I was before eating low carb.

Have there been any setbacks or challenges in your keto journey?

I’ve had insomnia before which may have been linked to being in ketosis. Couldn’t prove it, but I did notice that eating carbs helped me go to sleep some nights. Keto seems to magnify nighttime anxiety for me.

Is there something you’ve been missing in the keto way of eating?

If you’re asking about foods, the things I haven’t found a good replacement for are light beer & chips. I still drink light beer & my solution for chips is to not have them in the house.

Can you share your favorite (or most often used) keto recipe with us?

Most used is oven-baked chicken wings. Most of the recipes out there are over-complicated. Put raw defrosted wings in the oven and bake at 475F for 1 hour until wings get real crispy. Dip them into Franks Red Hot wing sauce and enjoy.

We know you as Mr. SkinnyPants. But what do you do? Are you a full time blogger?

I ran a jerky of the month called SumoJerky. I sold that in Oct 2017 to commit more time to Mr. SkinnyPants

What other sites, blogs, facebook pages, facebook groups, etc., do you go to for information and inspiration?

I follow Matt & Megha at Keto Connect. I also love what Rami & Vicki have done with Tasteaholics and Try Low Carb.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m creating a course for people who want build an amazing low carb life in a way that’s practical and doesn’t isolate them from their friends & family. So much of the recipes / advice / & courses out there in the low carb world are completely impractical – it makes me question whether some of the “gurus” out there actually eat low carb.

Thank you Ryan. My Sweet Keto wishes you all the best in your future work!

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