5 Keto Desserts to Help Your Goals Bloom This Spring

The spring has finally settled (well, more or less; We still get some pretty low temperatures here!), and I love setting new goals in springtime! New Year’s resolutions are nothing compared to the motivation boost I get when I see all the trees growing the bright green colored leaves and everything in bloom. I love the mornings in spring. They make me anticipate the sunny days that are going to get longer and longer for the next couple of months.

The various goals I set in the springtime (and stick to them), include: Exercise outdoors whenever possible; Start getting up even earlier each morning; Start saving money for a well-deserved vacation; Carry out an egg fast; Write a new blog post as My Sweet Keto has been around for the second spring now!

With springtime, I also tend to bake a little less and start preparing more refreshing desserts. Even the baked goods are created in such a manner they are still delicious when cooled in the fridge. Plus, I get to use berries a lot when the season kicks in. Here, I’ve selected 5 refreshing keto desserts that can fuel your springtime activities, satisfy your sweet-tooth and even accompany you through an egg fast.

1. Vegan almond panna cotta

This is not just another panna cotta. It tastes fuller than you can imagine and you don’t have to be vegan to fall in love with its texture and flavor. Right out of the fridge, it’s very refreshing. You can always enhance it with some fresh berries.


vegan keto panna cotta

2. Low Carb Berry Cheesepie

A late spring delish which I hardly wait to bake again. At the first sight, it might seem like a lot of work, but oh, if you’ve got those fresh berries, sacrificing them for this cheesepie is so, sooo worth it! Stop worrying about the strict carb limit for a day, and delight your day with this berry queen.

low carb berry cheesepie

3. Cream from heaven

This cream comes from heaven and takes you to heaven. And you get to stay alive! It is very high in dairy and egg yolk fats but comes as a pleasantly refreshing treat when served straight out of the fridge.

Cream from Heaven

4. Egg fast pie

I love this one. It’s a pie created for all the sweet tooths undergoing an egg fast. Made mainly of eggs, some cream cheese, erythritol, and vanilla extract, you don’t have to worry about not following your egg fast plan. And it’s fun to make!

5. Energizing vegan avocado mousse

Not much to see, but a whole lot to taste and enjoy, this mousse is a must try if you love it quick and simple. It will bring your energy levels up for the day. Full of antioxidants and no dairy, this refreshing and uplifting treat can serve as a stand-alone dessert or as topping for your favorite cupcakes.

vegan keto avocado mousse

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  1. Fabulous! I want to try them all!

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