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Leanne Vogel from Healthful Pursuit - interview

Healthful Pursuit, Leanne Vogel – interview

Keto community consists of more or less devoted individuals using somewhat different approaches, possessing different beliefs, and having all sorts of experience on their keto journeys that usually vary among individuals (to a certain degree at least). Whether you’re a keto beginner or an experienced keto-er, there’s a high chance that every now and then you need to turn to a fellow ketonian for advice.

My Sweet Keto has decided not to seek for advice but to ask some of the most influential keto/low-carb web-content creators about their low-carb lifestyle and experience.

This is No. 1 in the series of keto interviews. We’re featuring Leanne Vogel from  Healthful Pursuit who you must already know. If not, you should! And here’s your chance.

Being so devoted to keto community is just one reason I’ve been following her. Explorking is another.

Please introduce yourself shortly. How long have you been doing keto or low carb? How did you come across this way of eating in the first place?

Hi! I’m Leanne. I’m an ultra passionate Nutrition Educator, host of The Keto Diet Podcast (ranked #3 in fitness & nutrition and #10 in all health podcasts on iTunes in the US and Canada), four-time bestselling author including national bestseller and international bestseller, the largest keto resource on YouTube, and my paperback was the first ketogenic book to debut at Costco… ever! I found keto during my personal struggles with health and weight loss. It transformed my life ending my 8-year struggle with amenorrhea (missing period), hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction and ultra-low hormones.

What kind of results have you observed from eating keto?

Keto has made me the happiest version of myself – I feel comfortable and appreciative of my body, I have mental clarity and tons of energy, and I get to eat all the fat. It’s a win-win situation!

Have there been any setbacks or challenges in your keto journey?

When I first started keto, I went the Classic Keto route and ended up really throwing my hormones out of whack and it took some trial and error to find a keto approach that felt right for me. Now, I practice more of a cyclical ketogenic diet and I incorporate nutrient-dense carb ups to keep my hormones balanced; carb ups were a game changer for me!

Is there something you’ve been missing in the keto way of eating?

I wish I had considered carb ups earlier in my keto experience – the first 6 months of doing classic keto were rough!

Can you share your favorite keto recipe with us?

I tend to switch up my meals really often, but Rocket Fuel Lattes are a staple for me … basically a coffee (or tea!) with a bit of protein and just a touch of carbs. RFLs keep you in fat burning mode and they tend to be easier to digest than the typical butter coffee, especially for women. They’re so versatile, so I never really get sick of them.

You are one of the most known keto bloggers and influencer. Are you a full-time blogger? What was your job before blogging?

Blogging is how Healthful Pursuit started, but it’s grown to include so much more now – a podcast, YouTube channel, a paperback, and my e-programs – plus more to come! I have a background in marketing.

What other sites, blogs, facebook pages, facebook groups, etc., do you go to for information and inspiration?

I love Instagram because it’s so easy to connect with people and share, not just about keto and recipe inspiration, but also body positivity, self-care practices, and so much more!

What are your plans for the future?

Oh man … there’s so much I want to do and so many possibilities. Right now, I’m working on a special project that will debut Spring 2018, and you can sign up for my newsletter to stay updated as it all unfolds, plus get a free 12-page guide on how to start eating keto by going to https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/free

Thank you Leanne. My Sweet Keto wishes you all the best in your future work!

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