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Egg Fast Five Days Day #3 How many eggs do you eat on an egg fast? Can you lose weight by eating only eggs? Is egg fast safe? Learn how to break a weight loss plateau using egg fast!

Egg Fast Day 3

On Egg Fast Day 3, I woke up feeling great. Was a little bit light-headed as my calorie intake had been relatively low on Day 2, but I felt as ready to hit the gym as ever.

The scale went down another pound. Yay! But I wasn’t able to do #2 before weight in.

At 7:00 am I had my usual green tea with 1/2 tsp of guarana powder and 1/2 Tbsp of coconut oil. This is the fat I do count in my daily intake (contrary to Omega 3 capsules). I take coconut oil before going heavy lifting. Don’t consume bulletproof drinks, because I haven’t got used to them yet. Every time I tried BP coffee or tea pre-workout, I almost threw up at the gym, so I’m still hesitant about them. Plus, I’d rather use those Calories on food later during the day for some reason. 🙂

The workout was great. In a fasted state (taking into account, I didn’t eat as much as usual the day before), I couldn’t believe how strong I felt, and how much lifting I could do! Did an hour of heavy lifting, and did a 12-minute elliptical HIIT after. The latter might have been an unwise thing to do, not sure. I just know I felt hungry for the rest of the day.

Fasted HIIT Egg Fast Day 3
post HIIT stats


11:00 am. Had prepared the 3-egg omelet before leaving home, and ate it in the car, after my weight lifting workout. I replaced 1 ounce of cream cheese with 1 ounce of cheddar. The omelet was awesome even cold!


2:30 pm. I couldn’t wait to get back home and prepare some lunch. Was pretty much starving. I chose to go for Fluffychixcook’s Tex Mex White Egg Pizza recipe. It is simple to make, but you have to wait a little while for it to bake and sit, and I was wanting to eat immediately. Didn’t feel dizzy or anything, just wanted food. In the end, I felt it was OK, but not too worth the effort (but that’s just me). I should have probably made it double (or at least with 3 eggs), and call it a day, but I followed the recipe. Despite the caloric intake (just under 600 Calories), I still felt hungry. Now, that was contrary to the day before.

Egg Fast Day 3 Tex Mex White Egg Pizza
Tex Mex White Egg Pizza


Egg Fast Day 3 Cinnamon Pancakes
Cinnamon Pancakes

5:30 pm. Made these awesome cinnamon pancakes by LowCarbYum. Absolutely love the recipes on her blog! Well, as the recipe doesn’t include the topping and leaves you with a “redundant” egg yolk, I made my own topping:

Boiled some water in a pot, and let it simmer. Put a heat-resistant bowl over it, making sure that it is not touching the water. Put in one egg yolk, 2 Tbsp butter, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and sweetener to taste (I used some powdered erythritol). Whisked over the simmering water until melted, warm to hot, and doubled in size. Poured it over the serving of keto pancakes (which was one big pancake in this case) … and the whole thing was gone in no time.

Egg Fast Day 3 Cinnamon Pancakes
Cinnamon Pancakes


8:00 pm. Wanted to stay in range of my “ideal” caloric intake, so I consumed the cheese-butter spread thingy again for dinner (Had the same on Day 2). Plus, the “egg window” was already closed, as I was going to sleep no later than 11:00 pm.

Egg Fast Day 3 Outcome

On the Day 3 of Egg fast I had:

  • 7 eggs
  • 6.5 Tbsp fat
  • 6-ounce cheese (5.8 to be precise)

Oops, my fat intake was a little bit too low again. Was that why I kept feeling hungry all day through? Or was it the protein intake being too low with eggs and cheese (considering my workouts)? I should be even more careful on Day 4.
Egg Fast Five Days Day #3 How many eggs do you eat on an egg fast? Can you lose weight by eating only eggs? Is egg fast safe? Learn how to break a weight loss plateau using egg fast!


  1. Is this deit ok if i hv high blood pressure?

    • My Sweet Keto

      As I am not a doctor, I cannot give any advice. As far as I know, it wouldn’t make things worse but please talk to your doctor if you have any medical concerns.

  2. I’m really interested in starting this diet first thing tomorrow morning! I’m lactose intolerant but butter is ok. What do you recommend i do for my fat/cheese?

    • My Sweet Keto

      Hi, Brittany. I’d say ignore cheese or find a lactose-free variant. I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to be filling ourselves with cheese, but I guess the egg fast can get pretty boring without it. I know Aldi has lactose-free options. Otherwise, try adding more butter or coconut oil/butter to your meals.

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