Keto Egg Fast

Have you heard people talking about this diet approach and have been wondering what is keto egg fast?

All over the web, you will find slightly different information about what is egg fast. That is mainly because it is a very short-term dietary approach, usually used to drop a couple of pounds quickly that hasn’t been scientifically evaluated.

Keto egg fast is mostly about breaking a weight loss plateau by eating only eggs, healthy fats, and a limited amount of cheese for 5 days straight.

Does this sound boring? Not if you consider rewarding yourself with an egg fast friendly dessert.

Does it sound unhealthy? I guess it could be if you tried to attempt it cold turkey, not being keto-adapted first, if you have any medical issues (consult your doctor first!) or if you restrict the calorie intake too drastically.

It helps to know that eggs are very nutritious, they come with extremely healthy micronutrients, but it is also very handy to get some insight into what happens with the eggs as they age!

What can you expect?

Keto egg fast is not about restricting calories but rather about the nutritional profile: Very high fat, low to moderate protein, and virtually zero carbs. If you do this for five days straight, you will most probably see some water loss and maybe some fat loss if you have been watching your food choices closely and have exercised regularly. Every individual will have a slightly different experience and see different results, depending on the starting weight, muscle mass, exercise frequency, etc.

What is Keto Egg Fast

How to do the keto egg fast?

Basically, eat at least six eggs daily, and one tablespoon of healthy fat for every egg. Add some cheese but mostly one ounce per egg. For 3 to 5 days straight. See the 5 days of egg fast to read about how to approach the fast more specifically. There are rules. Those rules are not put there by any authority, though. If you are fit and healthy, try it and see if you can tweak the approach to suit you best.

Maybe you are dairy intolerant or hate cheese. Well, choose something else with similar nutritional value: high fat, protein, and almost no carbs. Or eat more eggs if that acceptable to you.

I wouldn’t suggest using this approach too often though. Maybe once every three months. While it might be fun, its long-term benefits are questionable. Although eggs have an excellent nutritional profile, you might deprive yourself of something they don’t provide if you do the egg fast too often.

Now go and see what egg fast recipes I have developed so far. You can use them any day, not just while egg fasting.

Egg Fast Recipes

When doing Egg Fast diet, eating eggs for 3 to 5 days could seem like forever if you weren't able to enjoy an occasional treat like Egg Fast Custard Tart.

Egg Fast Custard Tart by My Sweet Keto

Egg Fast Pie Recipe by My Sweet Keto

Egg fast pie by My Sweet Keto

Egg fast pancakes recipe

Egg Fast Pancakes by My Sweet Keto

Keto Cloud Cake by My Sweet Keto

Five reasons why egg fast is popular and successful by mysweetketo

Here are five most sound, straightforward, and logical reasons why the Egg Fast is a successful and therefore popular method for a quick weight loss or a break of a weight loss stall.

I collected eggs for over 3 weeks. Every day I would collect an egg that would come out of the same hen. I then peeled each and every egg to observe any change in the difficulty of peeling with the age of the eggs.