Delicious vegan keto cupcakes

vegan keto cupcakes

Is a vegan keto diet manageable? I, myself, have no idea. I do have a few friends who are vegans, though. They mostly munch on carby veggies, sugary sugar alternatives, and meals made from legumes. They cook and bake delicious stuff that I usually have to keep away from. I do, occasionally, try their homemade […]

The “I don’t care!” tarragon roll

keto tarragon nut roll recipe

Familiar with tarragon? If the answer is no: Tarragon is a herb. It grows in Europe, North America, and Asia. Subspecies vary, but French tarragon is mostly used in culinary. Especially in French cuisine. While the French usually use it to spice up chicken, fish, or eggs, our country’s tradition is to add it mainly to desserts. Especially […]

How to get to Swedish paradise in one hour

Keto chocolate gooey cake

Keto chocolate gooey cake Okay, so now is the time for chocolate. While you can choose from a number of chocolate–something recipes here on My Sweet Keto, this is the number one recipe if you are into the gooey stuff. I’m talking crunchy on the outside and delightfully gooey, almost runny, on the inside. Not […]

Keto Friendly Custard Tarts

Keto custard tarts

Keto Pasteis de Nata What does that mean? Behind the scenes, it says that last year I was on a backpacking trip through Portugal (which has been one of my favorite vacation so far), and tried lots of their fabulous desserts, including world-famous Pasteis de Nata. Naturally, it is pastry, but it is a necessity to […]

Low Carb Orange Ricotta Cheesecake

Low carb cheesecake

Low Carb Cheesecake To be more precise, this is an extremely smooth, gentle, meltable, orangey Low-Carb High-Fat Cheesecake. Being in the mid of orange season here, I can’t help but use real oranges! This is the reason I’m naming this piece of delightfulness Low Carb Orange Ricotta Cheesecake instead of Keto or Keto-friendly Cheesecake. Yeah, I […]

Low Carb Mini Pumpkin Pie

Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

Baking Pumpkins Season It’s been a month since Halloween and seeing orange everywhere. Before posting this recipe, I feared I’d miss the pumpkin season and be completely off with a pumpkin dessert recipe. Then I realized that even if all the pumpkins in the nearby gardens have long been picked, it is a kind of […]

Pistachio Matcha Cake

Pistachio Matcha Cake

Pistachio I know, without any reminders, pistachio nuts are full of carbs (still doing better than cashews, though). That means the following pistachio matcha cake might be a bit keto unfriendly. Especially because you’ll want to eat too much of it if you’re a pistachio fan like me. On the other hand, if you are […]

Egg Fast Pie

Egg Fast Pie

The “ketoest” pie Whether you believe in egg fasting or not, the truth is that eggs are simply awesome and there’s just so much you can make with them! Namely, you can prepare desserts like Egg Fast Pie, which consists almost solely of eggs, cream cheese, and butter. Admittedly, I love eggs so much, an egg […]

Low-Protein High-Fiber Pie

Despite its name, this pie is high-fat! If you find yourself avoiding too much protein for some reason, and don’t mind a few extra carbs in total, I recommend you go for this low-protein high-fiber pie. The idea for the pie arose during my little experiment with protein fasting, which originates from Dave Asprey‘s Bulletproof diet and biohacking. While […]