Delicious vegan keto cupcakes

vegan keto cupcakes

Is a vegan keto diet manageable? I, myself, have no idea. I do have a few friends who are vegans, though. They mostly munch on carby veggies, sugary sugar alternatives, and meals made from legumes. They cook and bake delicious stuff that I usually have to keep away from. I do, occasionally, try their homemade […]

Lift me up avocado

keto avocado mousse

Refreshing and energizing “Lift me up” is a phrase I’ve borrowed from tiramisu. Because of tiramisu in Italian meaning “lift-me-up.” It wouldn’t be fair if coffee in combination with cookies and mascarpone had the exclusive rights for being yummy, energizing, and uplifting! That is why I present a vegan and keto-friendly avocado mousse that has […]

Ultimate Dairy Free Keto Bread

Ultimate Keto Bread

Ultimate Keto Bread While the title might seem a little bit pretentious, it is the one recipe I use when it comes to baking keto bread. I have never been a big bread lover, but ever since starting the LCHF lifestyle, I’ve wanted to come out with a bread recipe that I would like a […]

Christmas Marzipan Cookies

Keto Marzipan Cookies

Are you ready for some Christmas baking? I sure have been for a while now. In fact, I’ve been having kind of a hard time deciding which of the winter Christmas-time-suiting snacks to prepare. Too many options and too little time on my hands! But, I tell you, these Christmas Marzipan Cookies, which are a tradition in […]

Keto Baklava

keto baklava

Being nuts about nuts, how about trying to make and bake a keto baklava? I’ve tried lots of versions of this sweet and nutty pastry traveling the world. I loved the pistachio version in Turkey the most. Anyhow, this is a walnut version. Of course, you can use any type of nuts. Keto baklava. For […]

Dairy-Free Keto Nutella

Keto Nutella

Remember Nutella? Naturally, that’s a rhetorical question. I am sure that for most of us, back in the days, there came that shocking moment when we gazed at Nutella‘s label and wondered if we should ever have pancakes again. You know, pancakes, topped with the creamy hazelnut-chocolate spread, to which it was so nice to […]

Keto Halloween Treats

Low Carb Halloween When dressed-up kids show up on your front door, you shouldn’t start with preaching about keto or LCHF diet. Rather, you prepare the keto Halloween treats you’re going to enjoy yourself, so your sweet tooth won’t give in to temptations when you look at all that candy! I know quite a few […]

Homemade Chocolate Candy

chocolate candy

Tired of looking for keto-friendly chocolate candy? Well, I sure was before I started making my own homemade chocolate candy! Ever since making my own homemade dark chocolate, I can’t see why not complicate things just a little bit, and make candy. Or pralines (are these two things the same or not, really?). Besides waiting […]